seen in dreamsI saw you today in dreams from a distance
And my eyes got mesmerized over what I see
Unable to yet figure out if we were meant to be
Still I wish to find the ways just to see
If I can discover somehow that you were meant for me ♥

The sparkle in your eyes spoke a million words..
Then, something very strange happened
In a flash, I saw you just disappeared..
welcoming the new morning sun is shining bright
The birds are chirping a lot in the light ♥

Now waving my sleep sayonara and the final bye
This dreamy night was so awesome now has gone by
It is the time to look at the bright blue sky
River gleaming with the light of the shining sun
Its melodious flowing sound, asking me to join the fun ♥

Morning is a God’s way of reminding all of us
That love and hope still exists in the world
Beloved you brought a ray of sunshine to my life
Where have you been so far all my life ♥

Without you, my baby, I just can’t survive
Such is a wonderful girl you will ever be
Forever my love, you are so so sweet to me ♥