loveI see the stars slowly moving
Into the image of your face
As I lie onto the ground
and start looking towards the space ♥

I feel for you there now
Looking and staring down at me
With that cute little smile
That I always dreamt to see ♥

Your hand in my hand, warm as the sun
In my heart, you are the only one
Through the spaces of my heartbeat..
I feel the love and it’s very deep ♥

Suddenly music starts, filled with romance
I pull you close and we begin to dance
Just stay in my heart, there I want you to be
A special place in space just for you and me ♥

Oh I really wish I could be
In that one special moonlit place
as I lie onto this ground
and I stare into the deep space ♥

The time is perfect and right
Yes, I am seeing stars tonight ♥