See You Once a WhileSee You Once a While ♥
I only see you once in a while
But when I do I hope you smile
Because you’re someone that I hold dear
one of the girl I love to be near ♥

And to see you sad would make me mad
To see you in pain would make me die
I wanna hold you in my arms give you an embrace
Be able to meet and talk to you face to face ♥

I wanna show you the side of me that you never know
A side that to someone I barely show
The side of me only my family has seen
That side of me that’s not so dull or mean ♥

But You don’t feel what I feel for you
So I really don’t know what else to do
I’ve fallen for you like I cant believe
I’ve fallen for you more then I can conceive ♥

These feelings that I wish could be
But you got other priorities what I see
But that’s ok I’m not mad, just a little sad
Though there’s still a feeling deep down inside ♥

That’s a feeling I guess I must hide
From the the whole world and your sweet face
I hope when I see you, I can hide my heart race ♥

I still think you’re really so cool
And whoever can’t see that is a bleeping fool
I’ll always be there for you till the end
Love always beloved and forever your friend ♥