whats hidden

Those were the time I felt distressed
Full of imaginary wounds, lying undressed
Pain with limited resource that I can feel
With no one around me, to get me to heal ♥

Those were the time when I got tired
nobody’s company I used to admire
I search in vain, for a lap to lie
If not that, just a shoulder to cry ♥

Those were the time no one to blame
When fate plays with you some nasty game
Best friends sometimes turned bitter foes
And leave behind you a string of throes ♥

With positive efforts I now feel much good
I’m enjoying good life and delicious food
But now just whenever I forget to cry
I ask myself whom do I share this ample joy ♥

There are the times in life I’m trudging along
With no one by my side to whom I can belong
I need nothing beloved but love that’s true
Which is the way I am and I’m searching for you ♥