loveSearching for the one, God must have made
Nothing but an image, a memory in my head
I know that love gonna be with me someday
But how would I know how you’re headed my way ♥

Thinking of you beloved all day and night
Ooo, my baby, it really gives me, a fright
For you know you are the only girl I love
And you’re simply the only one I want to hug ♥

We will spend all day and night together
O’beloved I wish that it lasts forever
Searching for you, whom god have blessed
Nothing but like a image, dream in my head ♥

Please baby tell me, what I should do
Are we together forever, or am I through
Things were so different, in dreams then
Easy like counting in childhood one to ten ♥

Shall I tell you that I love you
Orrr shall I, go back to what I knew
For now, waiting patiently when we’ll be together
When you’ll say “It’s you I want to be with forever” ♥