mesmerizing dreamsI went to the sea of love, brought this balloon, so blue
My entire love is in a blue balloon, all the way, for you
So, quick, quick, quick, give this balloon a nice prick
Let’s bathe in its content, a sea of love, to do the trick ♥

Look at the luminous moon greet the sparkling night sky
Now the crashing waves beating against the rocky shore
Until my tender heart has oneness with your own
I cannot feel a part of this world until we meet ♥

Look at the morning dove call to the cooling western wind
And the majestic mountains reach high to the lofty heavens
Slowly my lips make union with yours of such beauty
I cannot be satisfied for your kiss that takes my breath ♥

Look at the parched earth open her mouth to the rainstorm
Slowly summer gonna weep at the obedience of rain’s arrival
Until my longing arms have encircled your waiting chest ♥

My desires are not truly fulfilled until I hold you near
Like the twinkling stars to my night, waves against my shore
My love flies with the West wind to the mountains to the sky
You are the rain to quench my thirst, the Spring to my winter ♥