sad poemTypical Sad Poem

Got to call you close yesterday
And took your hand felt to dance
Euphoric, what more could I say
Thank you for giving me this chance ♥

So excited when I heard your voice
As you reached out your hand to mine
See, I need to be with you, have no choice
We’ll be together forever, I’m feeling fine ♥

I wanted this night to last forever
Want, with you, all night to dance
Hearts soaked with love for each other
Thank you so much for this great chance ♥

Now tell me beloved not who you are
Shall I be bound knowing you from afar
As lightning and thunder today striking through
Snippets of love now shattering without clues ♥

Ask me not why I cry, When tears of woe won’t dry
Ask me not what I would do the answer may be a lie
As web of false promises untangle or so let it be
Curiosity burning in the heart beyond these boundaries ♥

If loving you will be now like an endless fray
It is time for me to continue living this way
If I plead a chance but now when silence stays
You could only hope it does not turn out this way ♥