moonRoutine <3
Earth circles with the day
In constant motion
Unrested and hurried
Rounds of commotion <3
You find spinning spools
Of rushed spaces
Together forever in rhythm
As the time chases <3
I may be tired with mind
But never relent
Eyes over life and my ways
Ever fully content <3
I thank God,for the strength
He’s blessed me with
To face the challenges life
Has pressed me with <3
When the windmill of time
Reaches its final bend
Things taken care of
But one still left to tend <3
Where all my gathered thoughts
With you finally meet
To make the circle of my day
Full and real complete <3
With eyes closed I sit to
Steal a moment or two
Entering the world where
I find only me and you <3
For, there’s never a better way
For me to unwind
Than having you beloved
In my heart and in my mind <3