road to life

Moving on with time over the road of life
Sometimes you realize that change becomes the norm
When you realize and think, “The horizons are true”
In front of your eyes, the sky brews a storm ♥

We see lightning flashes . . . Thunder peals
A sight so forlorn which the light reveals
And in forest dark where trees bend low
Beneath a slice of half mystical moon’s glow ♥

Some storms may seem last but a minute
Like a huge ship they sail right by
But other storms just seem to be
As endless as the never ending dark sky ♥

As we continue to face the storms of life
They change our perspective, who we are
Sometimes, we are the mighty clouds
And sometimes times we become the stars ♥

All storms have one thing in common
One day they too shall slowly pass
As a speedy car rolls enough to a stop
Storms too slowly run out of gas ♥

After the storm has passed us by
A seed sprouts to blossom into a flower
Whose every petal seems to be
Exuding strength, brilliant with power ♥

I have weathered many such powerful storms
Their lines certainly do map over my face
In their wake I have really discovered
Love is truly the real and saving grace ♥

I myself don’t know what this poem means
I don’t know what I conveyed, if I ever will
All I know and contemplate is that right now
This poem is exactly how I wish and I feel ♥