RelaxRelax <3
Troubled to see the painful situation
From the confusions in your heart
And I would truly love to fix it
Just can’t understand where to start <3

Every time you let me in a little
You shut me off right back out
And it really makes me wanna scream
I’m sensible, not what you thinking about <3

But instead I will say beloved I love you
And I’ll say it a million more times
If that’s what it takes for you to know
For you to acknowledge it in your heart and mind <3

I will never hurt here it is on paper in pen
And I bet if you look at the bottom
Of these feelings that’s hitting the paper
You’ll truly find my signature at the end <3

You have to know beloved I love you
All the stress I got, through all this time
I’m just afraid because when I’m with you
I can’t help, my heart is no longer mine <3

So this is it now I am giving in
My white flag has already hit the sky
I’m giving you what I’ve, my everything
Now don’t make me wonder, no question, why <3

I loved you truly then, I love you now
And somehow I know beloved, I always will
So for me please take out your time
Relax your mind, and learn how to chill <3