reflectionOur hearts together will rise like the morning sun
Come my love, be my heart song, let two beat as one
I wish you close but dear you are so far away
You have captured my heart in an oh so subtle way ♥

Sometimes in our lifetime we meet a special soul
Who fills our very own essence to almost overflow
I have never felt it quite like this way before
This love is eternally soothing my emotional core ♥

we drunk the cup of feelings making our hearts align
And then you know within this meeting was so divine
Passion slowly stirring up from deep down inside
Feelings I’ve longed for you ah no longer can hide ♥

Something inside is very different somehow I know
What I am feeling is truly what I wanted to show
Where can I run to dear, oh where can I really hide
Nowhere my dear lord howsoever hard now I may try ♥

This soul that lives in you no distance can prevail
An inner spark, within the heart becomes a holy grail
The starting of a journey in which you both shall be
A reflection of each other all through the eternity ♥