loveReciprocate Love <3
One Way love can never thrive
It needs the reciprocation
And so in order to survive
Love truly needs affirmation <3
Leave your cautions to the sky
Let your heart and soul command
Come dance with me with open arms
And display with me your charms <3
Candles low and no bright lights
Our love will light the way
Come hold me close, dance with me
Till the night breaks to day <3
Dance with me until world is done
I really can’t resist your charms
Dance with me and hold me close
Let me die within your sweet arms <3
Don’t ever leave and let me go
Dancing with you feels so right
I will never leave or let you go
Come …. dance with me tonight <3
This one way love will terminate
Without your love’s inspiration
So, therefore, please reciprocate
Beloved….with no more hesitation <3