Nourish me with LoveRainbow of Love <3
Under the rainbow of Love
A unique place of the dreams
Beautiful place to stray about
Through the romantic sunbeams <3
Enchanted with the spell of poems
And with sweet music and songs
A place you’d surely like to stay
For the years together lifelong <3
No worries here and no hatred
Intriguing my dreaming mind
I feel more and more joyish
Endeavouring together to find <3
A place with no sharp pebbles
To hurt me along the way
Running the race of my life
Accompanied by you, a fay <3
The fragrance of the love
With its specks pink and blur
Living in it each and every day
More of it to sweetly procure <3
Its lovely walls extending
To every realm of the good
A place to get out and cherish
When down is your mood <3
Daffodils, lilies, roses, tulips
Everywhere I would see
In the canopy of the sweet love
We gonna romance without any glee <3