I see the sun shining on my right side
And the clouds pouring rains on my left
It felt as if, I didn’t have too far to go
To reach the brilliant rainbow I never seen yet ♥

As I Looked upon the beautiful rainbow
I felt like colors of love that God bestow ♥

It weaved a mysterious magic spell
Beneath golden glimmer of yellow Moon
Caste a dream coin into a wishing well
As love potion feeding from silvery spoon ♥

I ran as fast as my feet could take me
Before the spectacle could up and disappear
My whole life, I wanted to scale rainbows
I may as well do it right now and here ♥

God gave his promise out of his undying love
Never again to allow another earthly flood
Entwine beloved soft fragile fibers flame
Beyond the dark drape of midnight hour ♥

As the breezing wind whispering some name
As beautiful as the beloved fragrant flower
Sweet love truly radiates as passions dew
Which feels as vibrant as a rainbow’s view ♥