Rain Drops Rain drops falling hard as dead
Ah they are falling over my head
My heart is skidding to a stop
I see you smile, and the sun pops ♥

and my heart now takes flight
It soars upon your scented breath
Rising, catching, falling underneath ♥

I just love to dance in the rain
And knowing somehow it’ll ease the strain
Sometimes when I’m all alone
I see rain drops are falling outside again ♥

I now reach out to touch you
My hands trembling with desire
So much emotion rushes through me..
Lost for words, I can’t even speak ♥

Though this heart now longs to sing
Some may feels gloomy when it rains
And some just want to feel it in their hand
O’beloved I just see happiness when it rains ♥

Is this truly my life’s purpose
To devote myself today and forever to you
I now match my breath to yours
Lost in your loving smile and beautiful eyes ♥

I never even saw the rain start to fall again
Let us dance together with joy in the rain ♥

Say these few words I long to hear..
I love the life and I love you.
Look beloved only into my eyes..
Let me always be… your umbrella under the skies ♥