fresh39 - Copy - CopyAs my quest for love forwards
Out of sight I recapture my manner
I slide along the edge of the river
Towards the channel leading to the banner ♥

I gonna search in the depth of the ocean
To find the portion reserved for me
I wandered throughout the entire universe
Went inside the silvery, sparkled stars ♥

Ultimately, I am now so exhausted
Yet naive heart chose not to surrender!
I’m now incapable of faultless utterance
No sound from my lips I can verbalize ♥

Destiny walks in and out, in this place
A prologue to endless yearning without trace
I now interrogate the reflective cloud
It points me to the house of obscurity ♥

I’m now hasten to go to the peaceful spot
There I can’t see even the shadow of it
I had even wandered through the black holes
To know which direction light took ♥

I tripped out and fell on the wrong goals
However, I was so hopeful to find you
Lastly, now quiescent mind appealing to me
Thus, my heart plunges into the mighty ocean ♥

To strike the accuracy of this true love
Meanwhile, I hope that it will discern it!
Our hearts truly one, true love is irresistible
Two hands joined together, true love is unpredictable
one heart one soul, forever, true love is just magical ♥