Pencil color over the table
Your face is in my heart
The way you’re looking at me
Gave birth to this dead art ♥

Yet the pencil is silent
There is only this will
To draw the contours of your face
To feel your delicate skin ♥

As the pencil kissed the canvas
Colors shoots tender and sweet
Giving birth to this madness
over such a beautiful palette ♥

The pearls are dropping down
Giving life to these flowers
Which is blossoming all around
And on the canvas it carved ♥

Traces of your beautiful soul
The wonders of your sorrow
The sweetness of your faith
Pencil is now leaving the canvas ♥

Yet there is so much to draw
No one should ever see it
But in our hearts we know
And on the edge of darkness ♥

please protect me my beloved
And thanks for loving me true
Just let me keep my pencil color
Until we become married too ♥