You are the love essence, the one true source
Beloved I cannot be anything else but only yours
My heart’s flame, rhythmic and soothing warm dance
You whispered me about our sweet love and romance ♥

I am drawing these sounds and hope it would reflect
Your sacredness within me I cherish with deep respect
Our souls united and entwined in love’s single embrace
Breathing happiness and peace, in God’s sacred space ♥

You’re the soil in which the seeds of my soul grow
You’re the mirror of my eyes, your true reflection show
Inside you I have discovered the meaning of who I am
Through you I realized if I believe I could, I can ♥

You pouring the riches of wisdom into once a empty shell
Making me forget sadness and regret and wave to it farewell
You are the anchor in the days I drift sad and lost away
My own special mould that God made from human clay ♥

I hope these sounds I drew could even simply explain
That you are my rainbow I see through the endless rain
I know I am not a professional Poet, I will never pretend
But you’re truly the essence who’s helping my soul to mend ♥