One Fine Morning <3One Fine Morning <3
As I walk out one fine morning
Dew drops fell on my face
Wants to love me with her soft touch
Wants to love me with her coldness <3

Then after walking for a while
I saw 2 puppies sucking mother’s nipple
They ran after me in a playful way
They loved to chase me <3

While passing under a tree
Leaves shed on me in this wintry day
With shiver and joy I let it happen
To feel the excitement in a way <3

Students were waiting for their bus
Gossiping and discussing in a freeway
Looking and observing things nearby
Bus released a gush of smoke and vanishes <3

In the sky, I saw two little cute birds
Racing against each other
Up and down, left and right
In such a hurried way <3

Suddenly thunder struck
Everyone ran for shelter
I was fearless walking all alone
Like I’m the king of that place <3

After some time rain started
It was water all over
I jumped into the water and had fun
I had fear of cold, even then I enjoyed <3

Then I saw one young couple in their car
Embraced tightly in arms of each other
Warming and kissing each other
I wish you were here to hug me forever <3