So Much in LuvOnce upon a time <3
Once upon a time
From the stars far far away
I saw you the princess of my dreams
There my heart gonna always stay <3
You are turning my life around
True love you have made me see
My heart seemed to be locked
And I believe you only had the key <3
This heart cries out for you
Every day and in every night
I only want to be with you
To embrace me oh so very tight <3
I know I wanna be with you soon
Not even a minute I wanna waste
Not wanting you to leave me
Beloved do come near and embrace <3
I want to have you there with me
Through every life’s good and bad
I want you to understand my feelings
Even when I am alone and so very sad <3
So beloved I truly tell you this
For it is now so long overdue
You mean the whole world to me
And dear I really do love you <3