Love So TrueOnce Upon a Time <3
Once upon a time
From a land far far away
I met the girl of dreams
Where my heart wanted to stay <3

Once upon a time
Without any reason or a rhyme
I met you and lost my heart
I must have known it from the start <3

Once upon a time
It’s hard to pretend to be just friend
For when I looked into your eyes
Truth uncovered, I lifted my disguise <3

Once upon a time
My heart was always so locked
True love you have made me see
And it seems only you had the key <3

Once upon a time
I’m unsure of what God has in store
But I know beloved this much is true
Baby, I’m crazy and in love with you <3

Once upon a time
Some day soon in the midnight moon
I will steal your breath away
There’d be no more words to say <3

So beloved now I need you by my side
Grant me permission to take you for ride
I wanna love you until forever
And darling the time is now or never <3