Ocean of Love <3Ocean of Love <3
You’re an ocean of love
And I hold you in my heart <3

Ready to open and break through
You know one day I’ll feel the gush <3

As I shower you with all that I have
My love will find it’s way to you <3

I want you to feel it through and through
I love you so much my beloved <3

Not just for today but everyday
I blow these kisses your way <3

May it melt within your soul
And embrace your heart feeling whole <3

I wish to present you with
The stars that light up my eyes <3

The moon that shines love unto my soul
While you’re away during days and nights <3

The sun that warms my tender heart
The rainbows that shares it’s color of love <3

I’ll thank you for giving me life
And giving me the true meaning of love <3

I’ll thank you beloved for spoiling me
With your ocean which runs so deep
And over with love …. just for me <3