loveI need to be close to you is all what I want
Having you with me is something I’ll flaunt
I really wanna get close to you, what would it take
Feeling far from you always, makes my heart ache ♥

I wish to hold you close and having you very near
I wanna share the joys together forever oh my dear
I really feel under your spell, magic fills the air
My love is true for you being wonderous and so very rare ♥

Feel for me being close to you, under star studded skies
I feel breathless when I start to gaze into your eyes
And whenever you gonna shed some tears, I swear I would
Gonna be there to calm you soothe you in best way, I could ♥

I gonna play music in the air, and make it all seem well
You’ve enchanted me so long, I am really under your spell
I really wish to be close, beneath the star studded sky
My arms are now encircling you, fails not to bring a sigh ♥

Ah gaze into my lovely eyes, hear me speak your name
I gonna embrace, my heart will race, always is the same
The moon is out, I can see you now walking right towards me
My cutiepie love is coming, the one who holds my hearts key ♥

Hold me now beloved, and for always I wish you should know
I gonna be yours forever, and it gonna always be so
I will be waiting forever, in this place, for you to come to me
Hold my hands now, I’ll hold you close, near me you must gonna be ♥