My Love's Night Out <3My Love’s Night Out <3
How I would have realized
Just how close my love was to me
I opened my arms to hug, you see <3

I touched you my love
On a single sparkling star
The night was rooting for me <3

The moon gave me serene moment
To enjoy, while the stars
Adorned the light in the night <3

Nature provided me with such
Calming waters and a soothing breeze
To deeply breathe in <3

Along with the soft firm embrace
Of a girl so loving and true
With lips that made me quiver <3

Upon impact with mine
Being in love with such love
Has been so good to me <3

As I stand alone watching
My shadow reflect off the moon
In the water below
I see the sparkle of you whom I love <3

Upon each and every star
That I reach up and touch
As they reflect light off of the moon
That shares my love’s night out <3