In DreamsMy Everything <3
While gazing into your eyes
I can imagine what I have missed
I’m surprised why I didn’t realize
I want God bless me love like this <3
I found you when I was so broken
You may not understand words unspoken
I wish you lift me up give me wings to fly
I’ve had enough please never let me cry <3
Just when I thought I was nothing special
You came in my way, made me feel beautiful
I wish you to know I will always be there
Time will tell, I am always out there <3
Can’t explain how much I want you with me
Just know this that it’s you I always see
Everything I have, I would give it all to you
Just to hear you say beloved, I love you too <3
Now I know I can be whatever I want to be
All because you’ve become everything I can’t see <3