Most Beautiful Instant <3Most Beautiful Instant <3
Wandering through the dunes and dusty sand
Like the mountain firm I here stand
Sunbeams turning the ice into drops of dew
But still I stand to catch a glimpse of You <3

While the dark clouds above me slowly gather
But I’m staying calm and I will not bother
With the thunder roars the sky then rain
Yet I stand because its ‘You’ I have to gain <3

No matter how hard the cold wind blows
And no matter how chilling it gets as it snows
With my foot firm over the ground
Beloved, I shall wait for ‘You’ around <3

For ‘You’ are nothing but in heart my Second-half
And ‘You’ are the reason why I joyfully laugh
You are my relief and You are my comfort
You are like an Oasis in the ruthless barren Desert <3

When from the distance, I take your glance
In a jiffy beloved, I’m thrown in Trance
And when You gradually towards me advance
I don’t want misfortune to take its chance <3

So I am running for you to hold You tight
And no force can stop me with all its might
I’m overwhelmed as you are no more distant
Look into my eyes and its the most beautiful instant <3