moon bloomMoon is blooming in its full might
As I looked at the night sky
That is filled with bright light
The stars shown on your face
Coloring you white, On this night ♥

Into this star studded sky
Any day I will surrender
Myself for you and would die
I promise with this mighty moon ♥

And over these stars way above
I will dream of you forever
Only for you I’m sending my love
I’ll lie with you forever ♥

Until the sun start to burn out
I want to lie forever
Please never have any doubt
I make today this promise
And it’s intended to keep
Until earth’s day without any peak ♥

I’ll be yours, till the end of life
I’ve always dreamed you as my wife
I whispered you in the evening breeze
Voice of love’s song..answering my pleas ♥