stardustFeeling the magic of stardust
Life given me this chance to dance
Stiring emotions and brings romance
Giving me the meaning of the life
You lift me up from pain and strife ♥

A feeling that I knew too well
With every word we shared I fell
Falling deeper into the bliss
Longing for your dreamy kiss ♥

I thought these feeling I knew
But with your love the passion grew
Without you here my heart grows fonder
Around this moment I start to wander ♥

And think about how you make me feel
The longing starting to become surreal
Spiraling up with every touch
Never wanting now to leave your clutch ♥

Waiting for your familiar glance
Missing you beloved with every chance ♥

In your arms is where I belong
My love for you is ever strong
Holding close so full of trust
Feel today the magic of stardust ♥