togetherNo one knows the feelings I share with you
Which is burning now so steady and true
Still I wanna be silent never say a word
And not let this beautiful message be heard ♥

Every moment in my heart I shout it out loud
The feelings we share of which I’m so proud
For such feeling anybody would give their worth
To feel such feeling while being on this earth ♥

You and me are together in dreams every night
Our fingers entwined or you holding me tight
Your care and love my beloved mean so very much
I am feeling your hands, soft and sensual touch ♥

I believe these feelings will now never go away
Even when with age you turn old and feel gray
Well beloved, I will not be silent until the end
You are my everything, my love and best friend ♥

I believe we are made to be together for an eternity
And our feelings burns so brightly for you and me ♥