Luv Vs. Hate Luv Vs. Hate ♥
Once I asked God concerning love versus hate
Why everyone perceive that hate is so great?
While hate being a very strong emotion too
Nothing can equal love that is honest and true ♥

The sheer weight of hate is very heavy to bear
While it seems like love is lighter than air
Accounts of hate often make big news headlines
While actions of love you must look hard to find
But when you consider that love is patient and kind ♥

Envieth not, not pompous, not puffed up, not rude
Seeketh not her own, slow to anger, thinks no evil
Rejoices not in wrong doing, but rejoices in the truth
Love bears all things, believes all and hope all things
Endures all great things, full on your love feelings ♥

You soon learn that the density of love is so much
Although the scales be heaped with a great volume of hate
It’s catapulted by a mere measure of love’s touch
Love strengthens the bearer so one feels not its weight ♥