dream love

I wish you with me and wanna tell you today
That you are my beloved who fills my life
Your smile daily I cannot wait to see
Your arms I long to have wrapped around me ♥

Your scented lips I long to kiss
Softly, passionately, in every way
I always want you to know
That you make my heart skip a beat ♥

You fill my soul with contentment
You brighten my dark skies
You fill my entire days and nights
With stars, hopes, and cascading dreams ♥

I would want you to see
How beautiful the world looks
With your eyes through mine
Your eyes light up the sky ♥

Your touch paints the Heavens
Your kiss creates amazing rainbows
Of beauty, sunshine, and life
If there were no tomorrow in rhyme
I’d tell you I love you infinitely
Without boundaries, and beyond time ♥