LunaLuna, Luna dear you gonna shine so bright
You gonna swell so much with love and pride
You will emanate a white, eerie glow and zoom
You gonna be extremely bright and boom
You only made the famous titanic doom ♥

You gonna be extra big and clear
And if we stand out at the vista point
we all gonna think you incredibly near
For the mighty moon gonna be bigger ♥

As big as in imagination it ever could be
For 28th september night, earth’s only satellite
Swings into its fixed elliptical perigee
This is the so called “supermoon” ♥

See the full supermoon, full of grace
Time for everyone to find their place
Make your wish, it will definitely come true
As long as you and your soul are true to you ♥

And it came we will see on 28th night
Moon light, moon bright, mighty super moon
I see 28th night, I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish of you in arms, I wish tonight ♥