Loving You More Every Passing Day <3Loving You More Every Passing Day <3
Rolling over my four-five-five-O
Sunset sky golden red, beautiful glow
Under the rising beautiful crescent moon
My heart is flying dear straight for you <3

Life’s highway packed with buses and cars
It’s been hard driving to get this far
Now I can see the night’s first silver star
And I truly wish to reach, where you are <3

I’ll not be able to go back the way I came
Consider me a moth headed for your sweet flame
I really wish to hear you calling my name
Say in my ear beloved that you feel the same <3

I’ll be loving you more and more with each day
Loving you more and more in each and every way
If I were truly a poem, my every poem would say
I’m loving you more, each and every passing day <3