eternal love

Love is something which is not easily explained
Not even any description can express it
And no one person feels the same about it
Sometimes hidden, other times known
Often true but without future, perhaps not
Sometimes feels like fire, other times not felt at all
Can be cold as cyan sadness, or hot as crimson passion
Love.. ♥
It’s waking up in the morning wanting to be with that person
And going to bed feeling the same way
And it’s a feeling so great, no matter what anyone say
From heart it will never be taken away
Can be love at first sight, or built over time
Can be revealed, or truly kept secret
May be returned sometimes, or turned down
Love.. ♥
It’s the best feeling in the world
To know that someone loves you for you
And wants to be with you forever
Love is hard to find, and even harder to keep
Cannot be exclaimed by keeping to thyself
Cannot be expressed by saying simple words of the mind
The only way is by saying words from the heart
Love.. ♥
Felt by the heart, not by the mind
Cannot be explained or defined
How can it be professed
The answer lies in thy own heart
The only way to find it
Is by looking for it thyself