Love to See You I love to see you beautiful, day after day
Always thinking about you sometimes feel to say
I just need you to know that I always am here
I will never leave your heart nor create any fear ♥

Baby girl you are truly my beautiful princess
And I’ll be your everyday charming prince
You mean a lot more like a cutiepie to me
You will always stay like this in my heart ♥

No matter how long we will be apart
No matter how much others might blame
Forever I will love you, I will be the same
Your smile and gestures are my guiding light
I loved you in dreams even before my first sight ♥

Your heart.. your words.. your voice
I love you all, born to love you, I have no choice
My love to you gonna forever exist
Holding your hands, I’ll always insist ♥

Be sure that I don’t care for all the rest
You are my fate, forever I will love you
I do swear for you, I’ll never hesitate ♥