Love So True Love so true feeling so sweet
Love has swept me off my feet
For the first time I am feeling
Against this true love I’m kneeling ♥

It was buried in heart so deep
Having found you now I’ll always keep
Lost in this blinding shower of stars
My world contracted to fit in your arms ♥

Enveloped in you I cannot be saved
My heart leaps towards you from its cage
Every last nerve ending glowing with fire
As my conscience is consumed by desire ♥

Taste of your lips and the scent of skin
Where this love and my life will begin
As my last defences collapse at your feet
I surrender myself in becoming complete ♥

All through the darkest night of my life
you are the brightest star in my sight
You are my sun staring with all your might
Guiding through the days with shining light ♥