Love So True Love So True ♥
So many things to share and what I want to say
But somehow, my heart keeps the words at bay
The time has come, let my heart pour free
And tell you how I dream of you with me ♥

I’ve never experienced a feeling so strong
and I’ve never cared for someone so long
You’ve filled and emptiness down in my soul
And obtaining your love is my ultimate goal ♥

My life is more complete since I’ve met you
And I know this feeling is real and true
I want so much to show you beloved that I care
I want us together with a love we can share ♥

I want to kiss your lips and hold you tight
I want us to make sweet love all through the night
You have brightened my world with your loving glow
And if I get to hold you I will never let go ♥

I’ll care for you beloved with all my heart
And nothing will ever tear our love apart
Side by side we’ll stand through the years
Hand in hand together, holding each other near ♥

We’ll have something special just me and you
And the world will never see a love so true ♥