love near

What must I say to the love so precious and true
This love that comes from me to you
I wish to tell you that you own my heart
We are together forever never to part ♥

What must I say to the sweetness when you are near
Within my arms beloved you have nothing to fear
You always know just what to say
Just talking to you makes my day ♥

What must I say to the one who belongs To me,
within me day in and out all along
You are the one who encouraged me to go on
When I was so ready to give upon ♥

What must I say to the one who
Understands me more than I understand myself
To the one who shares me every pain
What must I say to this angel I adore ♥

Beloved When you are in these arms
Feel the warmth of your body next to mine
I find no words, only the beats of hearts in love
Two hearts joined together forever..I love you ♥