Love CandleLove Pledge <3
Today I’m making a vow to you
I pledge my love to be honest and true
To love you truly and never lie to you
To be the best of lover, just for only you <3

I pledge a love so strong and true
This is my vow, I give it to you
To turn your frown to cute smile for you
And to make you ever happy I found you <3

All my love, my care, I pledge to you
To be faithful and sincere all life to you
You’ll feel my love even if we’re apart
You’ll know that we are one in the heart <3

I pledge our love to be strong and true
I’ll make you a rainbow and let the sun shine through
I’ll plant you flowers and let them grow
They’ll be a symbol of love that, only we’ll know <3

I pledge beloved to never make you sad
I love you and you know thats a real fact
For this I write this lovely poem for you
I love you, you, you and forever only you <3