Luv U Deeply27
Love Pledge <3
I tried to discover to no avail
For the words to tell this tale <3
I have sought them in their nooks
In the pages of google and books <3
But all my quest has been denied
For there, sure they did not hide <3
To express for one, so smitten
Such words have not been written <3
For my life did not have meaning
Till the day I breathed you in <3
It was then that I feared death
Should I ever loose that breath <3
I really became a true mortal man
On this day itself, my life began <3
Now on this you can surely depend
You are my beloved and my friend <3
From here on we will walk together
Through sun and may be stormy weather <3
And when we will be gray and old
Our love story will still be told <3
While those divine angels up above
Shall surely sing songs about love <3
As we enter through their gates
There will be Heaven that awaits <3
And there, it will start anew
My eternity together with you <3
That’s the future that I vow
If God should so endow <3
This is a love forever true
That, this day, I pledge to you <3