love like dreamA love like dream, is real hard to find
It has tendency to sweep you off with mind
It makes you do things you never known you could
It makes you do things you never know you would ♥

I sometimes wonder and ask god, where I’d be
If you do not come in life and set me free
In the search of you and you love fountain
I would climb the highest and toughest mountain ♥

Truly love like yours is real hard to find
Which has taken over the whole body and mind
I’m really sad at the thought of being apart
And always ecstatic to know, I’m in your heart ♥

There’s little to teach, and a lot to learn
From an angel divine like you, I’d wait my turn
I never know my life gonna turn out this way
To live more than my life, with soul I would pay ♥

Without you in sight, I feel void and would die
With you I am sure to grow wings and fly
You got a heart so big, to comfort everything and all
If I need any help, you will be the first I call! ♥

You’ve opened up doors, to which were dark
Your a beautiful angel, whose made your mark..
With you by my side, my life is always more than fine
With your dreams, I know your heart one day will be mine ♥

I know true love in you and me will set all else apart
And you’ll be forever & the only.. one in my heart ♥

Love sees no boundaries, love does not ever judge
Love doesn’t hurt, love will not hold any grudge
Love is always so special and unique to each
Love works in mysterious ways and life lessons it will teach ♥