Love Over Terrace

Love Life <3
Beloved whenever I dream, you’re my only desire
In my life now you gonna be only one to inspire
In heart I embraced this love so open and strong
I will never think of anyone else ever lifelong <3

When you’re far still I know you’ll be in touch
At night I’ve never dreamed of anyone this much
When you’re up close to me I feel your gentle kiss
And when you leave its all of you that I do miss <3

In your heart and soul I gonna forever confide
Beloved in life together, we will never divide
Its your everything that makes my life complete
Its everything we share that makes my heart beat <3

For you I’d do anything, never make you wait
Whatever the time, place, and even the date
Baby your name is so engraved over my heart
My heart longs for you every time you depart <3

And honey I will never hurt you or try to break
Beloved I’ll never leave you or cause you to ache
You’re my everything that will forever remain
Our love life will be simple and easy to explain <3