Love is Strength <3Love is Strength <3
What is love if not with the heart
But done with the cunning mind
And What is love if its a lie
That’s why winged Cupid painted blind <3
What is love if not but merely a dream
Dream that won’t come true
And What is love if its a lie
Which is just told to carry us through <3
Many a times we do watch on screens
There the greatest love unfold
And we all wait to hear a song of love
That has yet to be truly told <3
Many of us in our thinking caps
Are filled with hearts and flowers
Too often do we all fall victim
To the loves never imagined powers <3
But love is strength, love is undying
Love is what gets us through
Love is hope, love is in the faith
And beloved love will surely come to you <3
Beloved, don’t you think I must welcome it
Hold tightly if I could really could
Or can’t you see that love has sold out
Love seems morphed and moved to Bollywood <3