All I LongLove Fire <3
Deep down the heart
There’s fire burning inside
And it’s burning so hot
Which is causing me pain
But I can’t let it stop
To bare it does burn me
And cause me to cry
But without it I’m empty
without it I may die <3
wish to calm this fire I feel
But can’t touch it or see it
It’s flames are so very real
These fiery burning flames
Are the hottest I’ve felt
My skin isn’t charred
But my heart still melts
I tried cooling it, and cover it
But nothing would do
And the more that I fought it
More and more stronger it grew <3
Oh dear how do I stop it
Burning by day and by night
It’s heat is overtaking me
and I’m loosing the fight
It’s flames may consume me
And my heart starts to ache
My chest becomes tighter
with every breath that I take
Now I am trying to run
But finding nowhere to hide
In the end I have to yield
To this love, the fire inside <3