flowers fallen

When flowers have faded and fallen fast away
You’ll find my love will be constant every day
Dream love feelings slowly brewing inside me
Your presence in my life making me feel happy ♥

When the leaves fall and leave the trees bare
my Love will e strong and just for you to share
Each little memory we gonna treasure dearly
For they are about you I cherish ever so deeply ♥

In the starry night and in my solitude tonight
I am sleepless and unable to keep you off my mind
During cold is filled in air and winter time there
Love will keep you warm and fill heart with cheer ♥

Tonight I want to hug you with all my might
Oh, I just want you here with me through the night
If it’s wrong to love you then I don’t want to be right ♥

Life is so much better with beloved you around
To my ear, your name indeed is such a sweet sound
I was searching until you, I really found
And in love you lifted me high up from the ground ♥

My world so far was so much lonely without you
I have never noticed the sky’s shade of blue
Everything seemed so ordinary compared before you
But now you’re here and world got changed in nice view ♥