Your DreamsLove <3
Love is like the sunlight
Which shines vivid and bright
Chasing away our shadows
Which lingers through the night <3
Remember when someone loves you
Who is indeed honest and true
Life gets filled with sunshine
And you just never feel blue <3
In mornings when you wake up
Pleasant thoughts are in your head
That is memories of joy and rapture
which you felt that night in bed <3
To many love always seemed to be
A mirage or like an optical illusion
Creating ripples in unhappy hearts
But with so much unwanted confusion <3
When I met you my dear beloved
In my dreams on that wonderful day
I felt so much and rejuvenated
All negative thoughts faded away <3
I’m now savouring all the nectar
My sweet true love is bringing
A heart filled with many illusions
Feel so right and happily singing <3