Love SongLove <3
Love compares to the sunshine
Shining beautifully so bright
It is Chasing away the shadows
That lingered through the night <3
When someone truly loves you
And is very faithful and true
Life is filled with sunshine
And you will never feel blue <3
In mornings when you wake up
Her thoughts goes thru your head
Your memories of joy and ecstacy
Which you felt during night in bed <3
Love will always seems to be
A mirage, an optical illusion
Creating in my unhappy heart
So much dilemma and confusion <3
When I will meet you, my beloved
During a glorious wonderful day
All the negativity and sadness
I know will just fade and fly away <3
I’m now savoring all the nectar
This true love is bringing
A heart filled with illusions
Will now surely be happily singing <3