love bubble

I long to take you in arms everyday
And the craving for you will forever stay
Needing to feel your heart beat with mine
A beat so strong, passion beloved so divine ♥

Wishing you here with me in this lonely night
So I could hold you gently and touch you right
Hoping you’d come to me very very soon
So we could cuddle underneath the romantic moon ♥

The greatest temptation of a trapped body is freedom
A freedom of the soul that leaves the body behind
With stars twinkling and shinning so bright
I keep thinking and dreaming about you all the night ♥

Waiting for your love truly to come to me
For my love without you is to lonely to be
Needing just to feel your softened touch
Is the only thing that I right now need so much ♥

Craving to see your heavenly beautiful eyes
That gently quiet all of my solemn worldly cries
Lusting to smoothly caress your body tight
I just can’t wait to dream you tonight ♥