When I Dreamt YouLong To Forever Stay <3
Beloved you’re the one, my dreams are made of
Full of understanding, warmth and love
These feelings I thought for only fairytales
But you are the breeze that fill my sails <3

The soulful honesty shared between us two
Gonna keep this connection very dear and true
We will talk about good times, talk about bad
Talk about the present and past we gonna have <3

You gonna accept me for me, for who I am
My opinions and thoughts you won’t condemn
There’s nothing of me you will ask or expect
We have for each other the deepest respect <3

It’s truly amazing how you made my heart smile
And you do it with such a graceful style
Keeping my heart smiling all through the day
And for you, I do thank God, when I pray <3

You are the warmth of the sun upon my face
You’re the calm to survive the rapid rat race
And when you call my name, I get butterflies
Like a little child, with puppy love in the eyes <3

You can melt all the tension and ease all the pain
Making all refreshed as a cleansing spring rain
And looking in your eyes, I can see the sunrise
And your excited hellos will make me feel so high <3

When talking for hours, seems only minutes passed
And the conversation longed to forever last
Your imaginary hug, so firm, and yet so tender
Forces all your fears to immediately surrender <3

There’s a bond and a trust that’s so very strong
That I feel it is with you I truly want to belong
A feeling of eternal love, a heaven, if you may
And within this dream, I long to forever stay <3