love poemLiving a Dream <3
I’m living this dream when a cloud appeared above my heart
With it the rains came pouring down, my heart began to swell
I felt so much love and my growing heart spoke, to my soul
If you feel the rains of love, why do you weep, when alone <3
The rain happened from God sent cloud, there’s nothing to weep
What is wrong with you, is it your fragile heart or your soul
Take all the love this Godly out burst brings, when you feel alone
You can’t feel the nourishing rain as it drips down, on your heart <3
My soul got enlightened as it sips the love and speaks to my heart
Without you, I will not survive my soul needs your loving heart
So deep inside, I twist and turn, love like this gives me highs
I began to smile as the happiness fills my heart soul and eyes <3
Seems we all feel the touch of love, Thunderbolts light up the sky
With it’s heat of love, my heart and soul see the way to paradise
I have never been alone while my soul and eyes are clear as my heart
I had a dream and this cloud slowly poured this rain upon my heart <3